Over the past couple of years I have tried many different brands of kitty litta for my lovely family of 4 cats......Since *clumping* litters have come on the market I have almost been driven out of my mind trying to keep the trays clean and all of us happy.

A few months ago I found your *Kleensorb* litta at Maroochydore whilst visiting my son. Bought several bags and was so happy with it.The next time I went up there they did not have any in stock....shock,horror,what was I to do.

So here I am,begging you to advise me where I may be able to obtain fairly large qualtities of *Kleensorb*. As I wish to go overseas shortly I must leave adequate amounts of litta for my house sitter and your product is tops.

Gwenda, Mister Darci, Misti, Romini and Bastett


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