This is our insecticide product. A natural product registered with the Australian Veterinary and Pesticides Authority for use against insect pests of stored grain and registered as an allowable input for organic farmers by the BFA.

Beware, some diatomite products are being sold that use inferior grade diatomite inappropriately treated. This material has not been scientifically tested to establish efficacy.

Absorba-Cide kills insects by absorbing oils and waxes from the insect cuticle thus facilitating moisture loss and death by dehydration. In addition, the shards of silica in the material abrade the animal leading to its physical disintegration. Resistance is not likely since it is the physical and not chemical properties of Absorba-Cide that make it an effective insecticide.

While diatomite is non-toxic for humans as well as livestock and poultry, we do not endorse or recommend its use as a human food supplement. This is because it is not prepared under the sterile conditions approriate to this purpose.

QUEENSLAND DEPARTMENT OF PRIMARY INDUSTRY, which demonstrates the effectiveness of Absorbacide on pests of stored grain.

A more general report issued by the CSIRO before Absorbacide became available on the market.

Mount Sylvia Diatomite is constantly seeking to expand the uses of Absorba-Cide through its directed research programs. Currently, a number of programs are underway.

  • A trial to examine the effectiveness of Absorba-Cide against the bedbug, an increasing problem in hotels and hospitals as these pests are becoming resistant to common insecticides. This trial has been completed and proven highly successful.  
  • A trial to examine the effects of Absorba-Cide on the Red Mite and lice infestations of laying chickens.
  • Trials to examine the effectiveness of Absorba_Cide and other diatomite preparations on internal parasites of poultry and sheep.

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