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Kleensorb discussion

Tell us what Kleensorb is used for in your work place or home 

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the best kitty litter

Kleensorb is calcined (super-heated) Diatomaceous Earth. Diatomaceous Earth is a sedimentary rock made up primarily of amorphous silica (see analysis). It is not crystalline silica. The heating process does not exceed the temperature necessary to convert amorphous silica to crystalline silica.

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We use it for kitty litter, really fantastic product. We bought eight bags from our pet shop and use it for both cats, kittens and dog. The pet shop does not stock anymore, so are trying to find outlet in Toowoomba. Can you let me know of stockist here? Thank you.

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Response to Pip

Hi Pip, thanks for the kind words. Not many options in Toowoomba I'm afraid. Norco, in Anzac Ave sell our Absorbacide and I feel confident that if you ask them nicely, they will get some Kleensorb in for you.

Cheers, Ian

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kleensorb use

Hi. I have been researching bonsai soil and came across an article that Kleensorb is a very good bonsai soil so i am wanting to get some and try it. Can you tell me where i can get some? I live in Bendigo Victoria. Thanks

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Response to Marmite

Hi Marmite,

We're in the process of putting up a list of our suppliers as requests such as yours regarding location come up frequently. Meanwhile, here are some suppliers you could approach.

Vitec in Sommerville who also do mail order: http://www.vitec.com.au 1800 622 345

Bonsai roots Chirnside Park 0419 870 240

Ology in Maidstone 0412 698 259

I wouldn't say that Kleensorb is a soil. Rather, as I understand it, Bonsai people use Kleensorb as a soil additive to enhance water retention and boost plant available silica.

A while ago we had some complaints that Kleensorb was breaking down in the pots. Of course diatomite is a natural product so there will be some variation between batches as we mine the material. That particular batch may well have been a bit softer than usual. I can assure you that the current batch is back to normal and we've had no further complaints.

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